Criticizing is Easy. Art is Difficult. - Unknown

I want to create. Not destroy.

Me and You
Nice to meet you.
Can we be friends?
You saved me. Thank you.
Don't hurt him!
You are my best friend.
I think I love you.
Do you love me?
I'm happy to hear that!
I love you so much!
I'm moving.
Years may pass before I see you again.
Will you wait for me?
I will never forget you.
I will miss you.
You are still and always will be my only love.
Is that you? Is that really you?
Do you remember me?
We met before.
What? You've never met me?
You were my best friend!
You were my first love!
You even said you loved me too.
You never said that?
You did.
You have a girlfriend?
But you said you'll wait for me.
Why can't you remember me?
Don't go.
I love you.

I love you.

I love you.

Don't go.

Mind Blowing

You are that Sun.

The Little Cycle called Life
More Stress.
Very Tired.

Repeat Cycle?
Do we have a choice?


Writer's Block: R.I.P
What do you want done with your body after you die?

When I die, I would want my body to be cremated.
This way, I wouldn't worry about me being a zombie.
I don't want to scare people.
I would also want it to be placed in a crypt.
I almost opened my friend's grandmother.
Thinking it was just a stuck jar.
I don't want that to happen to me.


Eat Ceasar Salad in Ceasar's Palace
Learn how to dance ballroom
Have a picnic under the Eiffel Tower
Get moss from the Coliseum
Jump a cliff in Greece
Eat Fish and Chips in London
Buy a Louis Vuitton bag
Use Chanel no. 5 for one week
Eat in Hell's Kitchen
Eat everything in Australia
Meet Stanley Tucci
Go on top of the Eiffel Tower (Paris)
Go on top of the Eiffel Tower (Las Vegas)
Make a desk
Make a trash can out of Rattan
Eat Pizza in Italy
Ride a motorcycle in Italy
Learn how to skateboard
Skateboard in America
Play soccer in Brazil
Meet the Glee cast
Sing with the Glee cast
Meet Darren Criss
Meet Chris Colfer
Talk about Harry Potter with Daniel, Emma and Rupert


Theatrical Play for grade 6.
Wanting to be a lead.
Auditioning for lead.
Getting a callback.
Not getting lead.
Put in prologue.
Getting best role in prologue.
Doing my best in role.
Getting gala night.
Getting good comments.
Feeling smug.
Adrenaline pumping.
Blinding light on me.
Play ending.
Freshman year.
Looking back.
Everything is wrong.
The whole tradition of that play is wrong.
I wasn't picked not because I was horrible.
The play was horrible.
Auditioned for acting club out of frustration.
Frustration of my being naive.
Got in.
Saw real acting.
Sophomore year.
Let's do this.

Posers = Losers
I can't understand why there are Posers in the world.
Posers - people who think they love something so much when they don't know anything about said love.
Posers are everywhere.
There are a group of Glee Posers in class.
I hate them. A lot.

"What is your favorite song of Glee?"
"Don't stop believing."
"What other songs do you know?"
"They have other songs?"

See what I mean?
They even had the nerve to say:

"We are the number one fans of Glee!!!"

They don't know anything!!!

So in conclusion,
Posers = Losers

Wake up.
Fix bed.
Take a shower.
Sit on chair.
Stare at ceiling.
Watch sister talk on phone.
Fiddle with Ipod.
Look at cellphone.
Take another shower.
Stare at ceiling again.
Sit on chair again.
Watch a movie.
Fix bed.
Go to sleep.

Day 2 of my 12 day break from productivity.

Why doesn't he love me?

Why doesn't he love me?
Why can't he remember me?
He loved me before.
He cared before.
Now, he doesn't.
He doesn't know I exist.
He chooses not to know me.
He thinks I'm crazy.
I am crazy for him.
I have been ever since I met him.
He is my world.
He is my everything.
He smiles with some other girl.
He loves some other girl.
He feels exactly like me.
For another girl.

The Chain

We are in a chain.
A chain of popularity.
Every school has one.
My school has one. Your school has one. Its all the same.
Mine however, seems odd.
There are three groups. The Popular. The Smart. The Unknown.
Let me just say first that my school is an all girls school. In fact, after our health break, we will meet some boys.
I don't want my school to have this interaction. Mainly because my crush will meet some horrible girl next year. (The batch my school picks is always a year older than us.)
I don't want him to meet some girl. I love him too much. Wait. Digressing.
Going back, The Popular are the people who either play sports or is in a relationship. May it be with a girl or with a guy.They also think they are too cool for school when in fact, they are just too stupid. And, since I am a Filipino, they are the ones who speak Filipino all the time. As in, ALL THE TIME.
The Smart, as said in the title, are smart. I am part of this group. I didn't choose to be here. I just am.
We are the people who actually study. We do assigned tasks. We are responsible. We are always officers of the class. (Every class has a set of officers) We never blur the lines between teacher and student. We are square.
The Unkown are the rest. People who are neither Popular nor Smart. They are NORMAL.

Why am I even writing this you ask? It is because I cannot stand for this any longer. I am sick and tired of all these titles set upon us. So what if you play sports? So what if you can answer some math problems? So what? I want us to all be equal because like I said, we are in a chain. There is a discrimination of sorts in school. Popular hates Smart. Smart hates Popular. Unknown hates both. Both are too busy hating each other to see Unknown. I hate this chain. I hate this way of life. I hate it.



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