Criticizing is Easy. Art is Difficult. - Unknown

I want to create. Not destroy.

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The Feeler who feels
Feeler is a common word in school. A feeler is a person who thinks she is popular. Note the word THINKS. A feeler is disliked in many ways. I myself is sometimes a feeler. I think everyone is happy around me. I think no one has a grudge against me. I thought wrong. I am hated by some. I feel bad about this. I hate feelers. Does that make me a hypocrite? Hating feelers when I myself is one? I have no idea.

The thing is readers, I was brought to this topic because I recently got a "jock" jacket from mother. Jackets like those are only worn by the popular people. I am afraid that if I wear said jacket on the first day back from health break, people might see me as a feeler. Please help.


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