Criticizing is Easy. Art is Difficult. - Unknown

I want to create. Not destroy.

My Kind of Perfect
A big house
Laughter in every room
A garden filled with life
A kitchen with stainless steel
A nursery

Can this be my future?

It's so hot here
It feels weird sitting on a toilet
Don't get me wrong, I have all my clothes on
There is so much blood on the floor
I will clean that up later
I will after I get over the tissue sticking out of my nose
Stupid nosebleed.

The Feeler who feels
Feeler is a common word in school. A feeler is a person who thinks she is popular. Note the word THINKS. A feeler is disliked in many ways. I myself is sometimes a feeler. I think everyone is happy around me. I think no one has a grudge against me. I thought wrong. I am hated by some. I feel bad about this. I hate feelers. Does that make me a hypocrite? Hating feelers when I myself is one? I have no idea.

The thing is readers, I was brought to this topic because I recently got a "jock" jacket from mother. Jackets like those are only worn by the popular people. I am afraid that if I wear said jacket on the first day back from health break, people might see me as a feeler. Please help.

Is fun
Is amazing
Is very smart
Is a complete mess of wonderful
Is going through a lot
Is digressing to much
Is supportive of everyone she meets
Is making the world a better place

Is my teacher
Is my inspiration

Author's note no. 1
Dear readers (If I even have any)

I am sorry if my entries have offended any of you.
I feel really crazy just talking or writing about "him"
I find livejournal to be my sanctuary of sorts
I can't talk about any of this with anyone
That is why I would rather post my feelings in a place where no one would judge
I really hope someone is out there reading all this


I love him.


I see him once every two months
Out of ten, can you rate his cuteness?
He is my childhood friend
I am still in contact with him
We talk every so often
We go out together
I saw him in the supermarket
He was so hot that time
He loves me.

That's all a lie.
He'll never love me.
He thinks I'm crazy.
Maybe I am.

I believe I am in Italy or France
I am watching Julie and Julia right now.
I feel really hungry.
I go to the kitchen just to find out something bad.
We have overdue bills. My mother is enjoying the great views of Hong Kong.
We will eat the same thing we had yesterday.
I feel really bad about this.
I just pretend I am in Italy or France.
Eating the most delicious food in the entire world.
That's something I believe in.

Sorry. This is a rant. Sorry.

Pretty Woman. Walking down the street
Walking. Big stores. Looking. Trying on. Not nice. Nice. I want this one. Just put the rest back. Pay. Get bag. Walk out. Walk. Walk. See something interesting. Go in. Repeat process. Walk. Walk. Walk. Eat. Walk. Carry. Walk. Carry. Walk. Go home.

I can't feel my arms and legs :(

We can Cancan!
Wake up
Look at clock
Get out as slow as possible
Pretend to be sleepy
Eat slowly
Still eating
Still eating
Still eating
Get up
Go to room
Sit on the bed
Maid comes in and gets mad
Takes a very long shower
Face cleanser
Gets out
Sits on bed
Picks clothes
Wears them very slowly
Walks to church
Goes in
"the mass will begin shortly."
"please be the reader."

Darn it.
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